Before varnishing

On new media

Remove dust and apply the background or primer Aquafloor ® PRIMER. If the parquet or stage was not completely clean, Sanding is recommended thereof, even a deeper undercut surface conditions function.

On surfaces varnished

Wash and rinse the surface thoroughly. Make sure by lightly sanding good adhesion, and then remove the dust from.


Having prepared well by Aquafloor support FIRST ® perfectly and after removing the dust, it's time to begin the actual painting. We therefore recommend that you always use high quality rollers. The steps are as follows:

1. Make sure that the varnish is very well mixed. You'll know by the color and texture homogeneous fluid.

2. Use a cepillo, rag or cloth to clean the parquet or pallet. Where the FIRST sanding dust has generated much, recommended suck all the dirt with a vacuum.

3. Varnish is applied with high quality roller with continuous movements in the wood, following the natural lines of the grain. Make sure the entire surface is well covered and uniform.

TOOLS Varnishing

The brush

Aquafloor ® recommended the use of brush and small areas inaccessible corners. However, whenever there is the possibility of applying the water-based varnish roller, we recommend it as first choice.

The roller

Aquafloor ® recommended short hair rollers whenever you want a smooth and homogeneous.

The diluent

Aquafloor ® does not recommend any product handling. However, in case of highly absorbent wood, one of the layers may slightly diluted with water.

The vessel for the varnish

It is a must. It should allow even distribution of the coating along the roll, so you need a grid drained.

Wood characteristics

Wood is a noble material highly decorative. Resistant, warm and welcoming are the adjectives that best describe this natural material.

  • Workability: Wood is a product industrially fully deformable, It turns into all kinds of parts. The workability of the finished product is also high.
  • Resistance: The flexibility of the wood has a grade average, to increase the resistance to compressions are sacrificed. Once applied the varnish to the water Aquafloor® you can to increase your endurance in a substantial way, be highly recommended for use.
  • Isolation -Wood for luck is a bad heat conductor, preventing that heat flows out of the Interior and at the same time between the cold from the outside.