AQUAFLOOR ® is an international company with headquarters in Spain that was born from the hands of a team of professionals with a broad and extensive experience in wood banices. Its main activity was based from the outset in the design and development of products based on high performance water for the protection and maintenance of wood.

Today AQUAFLOOR® continues leading the development, formulation and international market introduction of water-based varnishes very high performance, getting obtaining a maximum degree of satisfaction among our customers. Operating in 17 countries worldwide and several factories in Spain and in Central, AQUAFLOOR® is shaping up as the benchmark company in the sector. Over 5.000 customers worldwide, Aquafloor ® continues to manufacture only products of very high performance water based with minimal environmental impact

AQUAFLOOR® has a laboratory for the development of products to the water in Spain. It also has two factories in Spain and El Salvador. Both plants have a full program of manufacturing water based. The raw materials of our products are of the highest quality on the market, importing them already processed from Germany, Italy and Norway. The result is a line of high quality products with extremely high performance.

Our commitment to the environment and high solids products, and especially strongly additivated, with low VOC content, It has allowed us to develop varnishes and products based on specific water for each country or region, so that a satisfactory manner adapted to the needs of each region varnishing. Aquafloor® is associated and actively participates in different organizations in order to improve their knowledge and their management.

In each region there is a different law for security, COV, packaging, and substances, Aquafloor ® so that tailors its products individually , Always delivering varnishes that fit your needs more, without paying more for it.


The lab Aquafloor ® is the great defender and true engine of group development. The laboratory will develop over 200 formulations new year, that subsequently become varnishes and water-based products ready for introduction into each specific market. Every product is adapted without extra cost to each specific country and their characteristics.

We are constantly innovating to develop really innovative products. We have changed the application process even protective wooden floors, to avoid sanding the bottom by a background absorbent auto. We also have fire retardant coatings, finishes for commercial use with a maximum hardness transit, varnishes for exterior maintenance ... etc.

All our products, before marketing, they are tested by coaters professionals on hardwood floors, observing its workability, drying and actual results of use. We believe that true development of products should be complemented with real applications by implementing real professionals. All this gives us a huge competitive advantage, Since the vast majority of additive necessary to achieve desired outcomes are virtually undetectable but at the same time highly necessary to achieve a varnish of maximum quality and durability unique in the market.

We can also offer varnishes and products base water it takes even years in the market. This is because until we have the 100% of securities not traded. Among our 5.000 customers, many require some very detailed and specific products with very special characteristics. They all have formulated and developed their product to suit your needs, obtaining a 100% satisfaction and loyalty of these.


Aquafloor ® has a code of ethics to mandatory among all employees and recommended for all customers.

From Aquafloor ® we care about continuous improvement to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, environmental protection and protection of all our accidents laboraes employees against accidents. We comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, and requiring all client requirements and relevant region.

To achieve our goals we have several courses of action:

1. CUSTOMERS: The loyalty of our customers and their satisfaction is the best in our rewards, therefore our products and services must meet the needs and expectations permanently from our customers. Today we are the best company valued by professionals, According to the Association of Manufacturers of water based.

2. SUPPLIERS: We shake the most relationship with our suppliers in order to obtain an optimal communication and receive supplies with the specified quality and time required. We care our suppliers becoming part of the chain by long-term joint strategies.

3. MANUFACTURING: The improvement of our processes is a constant in our daily. That is why we train our employees to cleaner production, ecological and ranked. We have the most efficient market process, with latest machinery for manufacturing custom and fully automatic.

4. STAFF: Aquafloor® is the most responsible for our results and as a result we are committed to raise its level of qualification, providing a safe working environment and pleasant.

5. INNOVATION: Our continuous innovation is the best guarantee to maintain world leadership in quality.

6. PREVENTION: It is our priority in the daily. Preventing accidents and pollution in all our activities, prevents employees take unnecessary risks.

7. ENVIRONMENT: We provide all the necessary means to minimize the environmental impact caused by our activities. We like to make maximum awareness among our employees.