• Do apply varnish to the water on a waxed surface?

Directly not, Since the varnish does not adhere to the wax as I fat. It will require a sanding and application of the Aquafloor ® first as surface preparation.

• Can be dyed an Aquafloor ® water varnish?

Not, since they can not be mixed. You can dye the wood previously and subsequently apply varnish to the Aquafloor ® water

Apply a varnish to water Aquafloor ® matte on one existing gloss finish?

If. Our varnishes are perfectly compatible and combinable with each other.

• Which product is the most recommended for spraying of an exotic wood?

Any of the Aquafloor ® water borne coatings is perfectly compatible with exotic woods. It requires the degreased prior to implementation through linked with medium and even coarse-grit sandpaper.


• Does water Aquafloor ® varnish apply better with brush or roller?

For small surfaces a brush and roller for larger surfaces is recommended.

• What happens if we exceed the period recommended between layers?

Remember that it is at least. Past 24 hours will be necessary to sand the surface before applying the next layer with coarse grit.

• Do you need sanding between coats?

We recommend a sanding with the grain of 150 between coats. Thanks to the sanding, we will achieve a perfect adhesion and get a finish extremely smooth and homogeneous.

• Which product is the most recommended to varnish a wooden terrace?

We recommend the Aquafloor ® OUTDOOR. This product designed for outdoors flooring, perfectly nourishes the wood and retains its natural appearance.

• What product applies to renew a varnished parquet factory?

We recommend to Aquafloor ® HARD water varnish, provided we do a tasting of neutralization and this is positive. In any case, it will require sanding prior to the application of varnish to the Aquafloor ® water.


• You can renew a parqut or wood flooring without having to sand it completely?

You can only apply a new coat if the existing Aquafloor ® varnish has not worn away wood. Clean the floor thoroughly and smooth with sandpaper grain varnish 150. Then apply one or two coats of varnish Aquafloor ® existing.

• How stripping is an Aquafloor ® varnish?

A mechanical sanding is recommended to fully reach the wood. Ask for advice to his company on the best Sander for each case.

• You can clean parquet or laminate flooring with bleach?

Not. Cleaning wood floors is vital for conservation. We recommend the Aquafloor ® CLEANER as usual cleaning product.


• Do long recommended that it take before making a move after the application of varnish to the Aquafloor ® water?

We recommend a minimum of 24 hours, always depending on the ambient temperature and relative humidity. The ideal would be to wait a few days, Since does not acquire all its performance up to 15 days from your application. You have to take every possible precaution during the first two weeks.