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Installing Parquet

Aquafloor ® ADHESIVE | Aquafloor®GLUE

Aquafloor ® is a world leader in quality and performance of water-based polyurethanes. Our adhesives are formulated to establish hardwood floors perfectly, in strict compliance with the EN1493 standard. Aquafloor®GLUE and Aquafloor® ADHESIVE not contain organic solvents. Hardening is due to a chemical reaction which do not shrink anything

The range of adhesives Aquafloor ® ADHESIVE is highly recommended to seat floating platforms sensitive to swelling and non-absorbent substrates. It is also optimum for all coatings and laminates with performance parquet or requirements described below. Aquafloor® GLUE meanwhile is a high performance tail formulated for bonding all types of wood floors.


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